LP Food at Work


LP Food at Work


LP food at work nourish our customers with seasonal food, using locally grown vegetables, excellent quality meat and actively promote flexitarianism. We have the highest 3 star accolade from the Sustainable Restaurant Association, demonstrating how seriously we take this. We are in our third year of working with the SRA, ensuring how we source our food is constantly scrutinised, the impact we make on the environment is minimised and our relationships with people are always being developed. LP food at work is extremely proud to be short listed for the Treat Staff Fairly award 2018. During 2018 /2019 LP food at work want to promote our local and seasonal sourcing more effectively to our customers. We also aim to build on our support of community groups and charities, in particular the girl guiding association. We will also develop further our current practises of feeding people well in the work place through menu choice, education and promotion.






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