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Hep Oils is a well-established family business with over 20 years experience in supplying fresh cooking oils and collecting used cooking oil (UCO) and food waste which also comprises of grease trap fat. We cover nationwide and concentrate in London, around Greater London and the Home Counties. We pride ourselves on a professional, reliable and cost effective service. We have a well-trained team who strive to deliver excellent customer service efficiently. We believe in listening to our customers, with good communication being the key to a successful working relationship.

We offer a valuable service to a growing number of customers including; hotels, restaurants, independent pubs, large chains and catering groups. Many of which have and are still using our services for a number of years.

We are a licensed UCO collector and processor. As part of our business ethos we believe that the recycling and reuse of waste products within the food industry is paramount to reducing the carbon footprint and providing a sustainable and renewable energy source to the biofuels industry which is used every day by cars, buses & all sorts of commercial transport vehicles from lorries to cargo ships and ocean liners. Combined Heat & Power generation in the form of electricity is also an industry that benefits tremendously. Building contractors that provide green credentials use Biodiesel so as to not pollute the area around where combustion engine machinery is used. The carbon deposit left behind by the steam cleaning process of the UCO is sent to an anaerobic digestive plant which produces gas that is used to power a gas turbine connected to a generator producing electricity to run the plant and the rest is pumped back into the national grid for domestic and commercial use. Therefore, it is also reassuring to know the inevitable waste produced will become a source of renewable energy, proving Hep Oils to be a valuable link towards the global sustainability agenda.
We have a number of different accreditation to ensure our products and services adhere to strict guidelines and regulations, therefore assuring everything is of the highest standards.

Hep Oils Accreditation:
ISCC – International Sustainability and Carbon Certification.
NEODA – National Edible Oils Distributors Association.
SALSA – Safe and Local Supplier Approval
SRA – Sustainable Restaurant Association

We provide a variety of cooking oils including, long life vegetable oils, rapeseed oil, groundnut, olive, corn, sunflower and palm oil. We can also supply more specialised oils on request. We bottle and pack our Rapeseed and Vegetable oils on site, reducing production/purchase costs to our customers. We constantly research our market prices to ensure we can provide new oil at very competitive rates. This price is on the condition that we are solely responsible for the collection of all the used cooking oil. We will pay, an agreed price, for all the used cooking oil collected.

We will supply the containers required to collect the UCO and food waste. These come in a variety of sizes that suit your requirements. We will supply as many is required. When the full containers are taken away, clean (sterilised) containers are replaced with the same. We will supply you with 120 litre purpose built Wheelie Bin manufactured by Fatboxx, which have a lockable lid to prevent spillages and reduce any odours.

We provide a delivery note which is also a duty of care waste transfer note detailing the quantity of new oil delivered and the quantity of used oil collected. This information is generated into an invoice, which is sent to your preferred email address the same day. All information regarding the used oil collected is contained within these documents and acts as a proof of collection and processing.

Sustainability goals

Our sustainability goal for 2018 is to keep our carbon footprint at an absolute minimum whilst increasing our efficiency.