Rubies in the Rubble


Rubies in the Rubble


Rubies in the Rubble makes food for the future. We make our relishes, sauces and compotes from fresh fruits and vegetables sourced directly from UK farms that would have otherwise been discarded. Our ingredients have to pass a taste test, not a beauty contest. We don’t care if it’s too ripe, too big or just plain pear shaped. In a world where a 1/3 of all food produced is wasted- we want to make a difference. We value food as a resource and believe it’s there to be cherished. By showcasing ‘would be waste’ in our high quality recipes, we hero those overlooked ingredients aiming to change perceptions and reduce unnecessary food waste in the UK supply chain. Rubies to the rescue!

sustainability goals 2018

Our office wide goals this year are:

– Lead our office block in their recycling goals with all materials including food & coffee surplus

– Rubies in the Rubble bicycle to work scheme